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I tried to provide a range of possibilities and things to avoid

I tried to provide a range of possibilities and things to avoid

I am not trying to micro-define what dressed up means. There is clearly a range of meaning that is quite valid. THe main point is to consider if my clothing reflects some awareness of where I am and whom I am with.

I would also want to add to the list that young men do NOT wear baseball caps in Church. In Church tradition men do not cover their heads in Church (although the clergy may, eg birettas, mitres, zuchettos etc). So what is it with the baseball caps?

And it is still regarded as an important mark of respect for men to remove head gear at solemn moments such as funerals

dress as you want, decently so as NOT to disctract your neighbour or cause fashion parade. I go to a Roman catholic church for sunday mass in jeans, T shirt and slippers because its comfort and affordable to me and thats my daily wear. God does not want western dress in undeveloped countries

We should dress for the occasion, with understanding for the other circumstances of life on any given day and time.

That can mean dressing as you would to spend time with someone you love, or it can mean dressing as if you were going to work. Sometimes the two manners of dress might be similar, but sometimes not. And it doesn’t gain you anything if you wear the finest and best sheep’s clothing in the history of the world if underneath you are a wolf.

Correct. Clothes are not all. The most essential reflection is to consider, as you state, who to dress appropriately to be with one you love.

You make excellent points here, and I wish we would hear more priests exhort us to dressing well for Mass. However, we laity don’t need to wait for that. I’ve been applying roughly the same guidelines that you have outlined here for 20 years. The naysayers who say this will never work, simply haven’t tried it. It is difficult to find modest clothing for women (especially in a style that pleases teens), but it can be done, Furthermore, they don’t need a whole closet full of options. Two per season is really enough.

As Terry mentioned above, it does get a bit trickier for daily Mass. If I have to choose between being going to Mass “as is”, or not going at all, I choose going “as is”. For example, I allow my son to ride his bike directly from soccer practice to meet us for Mass (which he attends of his own volition). I don’t require that he bring a change of dress clothes and change in the bathroom at Mass. Similarily, those who go to Mass on their lunch hour are going to go in their work clothes, even if that is overalls. I’d like to hear your thoughts on whether the same rules should be universally applied to daily Mass.

And if there is a conflict between the two, dressing to spend time with a loved one, especially The Loved One, is far more important than dressing the way you would to go to work

I think, for the reasons stated by you, that there can be some greater flexibility with regards daily Mass. Sunday is surely the day to get right. Mass is Mass but Sunday Mass is the great high feast of the week and speical decorum seems more necessary then

don’t know of too many jobs that require you to wear flip-flops, t-shirts, or tank tops as part of the job. If it does, bring a jacket or an overshirt to wear at Mass. Just think ahead. The same goes for the lady whose son meets them at church after baseball practice.

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